3 Ways to Boost Your Summer Results Blog by Jo James

3 Steps to Boost Your Summer Results.

Is summer your busiest time or do you need a boost to your sales over the summer?

And if you need a boost to your sales, or if you’re going away for your holidays soon, have a look at these…

3 Action Steps to boost your summer results:

1. Remember, not everyone goes away!

Get in touch with clients and those you’ve not spoken to for a while and see ‘what they need from you next?’  *Use the fact they might be going away as a reason to call them. Find out what they need, and how you can help them. You might gain some new summer projects for you and your business, or recommend someone in your network who can help them. 💕

2. Help your clients to plan ahead.

If some of your clients and contacts are going on holiday soon, find out “what can you help them with before they go away?” or “what can you work on for them while they’re away?”.

Consider:  What do they need to have in place for September, and how can you help them achieve their goals?  You can work on their projects while they are away so find out ‘what is the next critical step’ for them.

In return, you’ll have new projects to work on yourself and invoices to send!

3. Have a look at your diary

If you’re taking time off over the summer, call some of your contacts before you go; either prospects, clients or people in your network and arrange at least 3 meetings for when you get back.

Imagine how good that will feel when you get back from holiday all relaxed and you open your calendar to see meetings already booked in = Potential new business on the horizon.

Tell me how you get on, and of course, get in touch if you have a question.

Don’t sit there stewing, ask me!

What are you stuck on?  Are you relishing this time to work on our business? I’m here to help you if you’d like to work with me over the summer, giving you quality time to work on your business. We can tackle your current challenges and deep dive into your business to get clarity, focus and create a growth strategy.

Get Clarity and Focus on how you can generate more income in the second half of this year.

For example, are you looking to put together your new service or create a new program? Work out new pricing? Have some Workshops to fill? Is it time to update your website copy to attract more of your ideal clients? What element of your business do you want to feel more confident in?

Get clear and have new things in place, ready for September and beyond.

Contact me today, and let’s have a chat about what you’d like to achieve over summer. I’m here to help you make it happen.

To your success and happiness, give your business a summer glow!