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Joanna Gaudoin Testimonial for Jo James AmberLife
“Jo really helped me enormously.  She helped me focus what I was offering, and to which markets. She suggested effective sales and marketing systems which I have implemented, and already got results from. Plus Jo also helped me develop my copy writing skills for my website and newsletters.
Her enthusiasm is great, she’s always at the end of the phone if you have a question or just need some encouragement. She also gave me some great tools to use, which are helping me stay focused!
I would highly recommend Jo James to anyone wanting to get their business into shape and to make more money. My speaking and client bookings have already increased since working with Jo and I’ve got many more opportunities coming up.”
Joanna Gaudoin, Personal and Professional Image Expert, Speaker, owner of Inside Out
Joanna Gaudoin, Personal & Corporate Image Expert – Inside Out Image
“Working with Jo is ideal for me. Her no-nonsense approach to identifying my goals, setting stepping stone action points in place and keeping me accountable is just what I need, and we speak every 3-4 months to set targets and discuss how plans and actions are going, and it’s one of the best investments in my business I’ve made in 19 years. Being accountable is valuable when you’re self-employed and her guidance, support and ideas are just what I need to get me out of my comfort zones and into the places I want to shine. Thanks, Jo.”
Roz McLeod, Voice coach & Choir leader

Every session with Jo leaves me feeling incredibly empowered, armed with a clear and actionable plan to propel my business forward.  Jo’s positivity is incredibly contagious! Her guidance has been instrumental in pushing my business to new levels. I wholeheartedly recommend Jo’s coaching services as a valuable investment in your business’s success!

Karelle Laurent, Karelle Laurent Nutrition
Sharon Simpson Testimonial for Jo James AmberLife
”In under an hour on our Skype call I got clear about three things that had been bugging me: pricing, launching and selling (my product). Jo helped me discard loads of stuff that wasn’t necessary and I’m clearer, lighter and excited and know exactly what to do next. She’s brilliant.”

Sharon Simpson, Speaker, Photographer, Interior Designer

Sharon Simpson, The Reinvention Diva
Nicola Wordsworth Testimonial for Jo James AmberLife
“I won £10,000 of new business in 10 days. In a nutshell, the Get Sales Savvy course with Jo, has given me the confidence to ask for, and get the results I need. Without any fuss. I couldn’t have asked for more.” said Nicola, Creative Designer, owner of Nicola Wordsworth Designs
Nicola Wordsworth, Pupsuds & Creative Designer
kate darracott testimonial Jo James
“I really loved the pace of the retreat, the leisurely mealtimes to the very focused Exec Room sessions, all set in a stunning location. I now have a much clearer picture of how I’m going to take MicroBarBox to the next level and have a very detailed set of steps to get there.

As well as focusing on your own business it’s great to hear about everyone else’s business challenges and how they are moving forward, or hearing about lessons learned. It makes the whole retreat seem very much like a team effort and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how their businesses progress as well as pushing forward with my own. I do hope and feel that this is just the start of a rather special group of people that will give each other support for years to come.

I love your seemingly endless supply of energy Jo, and the way everything was organised and in place before we arrived.

An absolute joy to work with, a heady mix of business strategies and fun.”

Kate Darracott, Microbarbox
Nadrali from Ben and Nadrali Ceramics

“I’m so happy I joined Jo James’ Action Group this year. It was a really wonderful experience, we wanted to take Ben and Nadrali Ceramics a step further, make more profit and the Action Group was definitely the right step for us.

We were able to increase our sales, in fact, DOUBLE our sales over that 10-week period.

I have a toolbox FULL of tools to go on using.

Jo James’ energy is completely contagious, I feel so much more CONFIDENT and have so much more know-how.

I’m really excited to see where we go with Ben and Nadrali Ceramics with all these NEW TOOLS and INSIGHTS.

It was really FUN, really QUICK and EFFECTIVE and VERY PROFITABLE for us so thank you very much, Jo, it was great.”

Nadrali, Creative Director, Ben & Nadrali Ceramics
Utam Bhudia Testimonial for Jo James AmberLife
“The challenge I was facing was closing a sale. I knew that if I could effectively close sales regularly, I’d be able to move my business to the next level.

I particularly enjoyed my Live Q&A call to get my questions answered.

The regular emails were really helpful, and the audio link just made it better.

Using what was taught, I have managed to book a number of appointments with prospective clients and have closed a big sale already.

During this course, I managed to set long term goals and with new knowledge and with new things to think about, I’m sure I can achieve them.

Jo’s energy and passion for helping people was shown throughout. She really went above and beyond and I’d highly recommend this course if you’re looking to up your sales game.”

Utam Bhudia, Videographer, owner of Adtube Ltd

Utam Bhudia, Videographer, owner of Adtube Ltd

Jo’s natural positive energy and passion for our varied businesses in the AmberLife Action Group always felt very personal. During each session (in which I learned loads!), I always felt more focused, lifted and motivated, and it was great to both explore ideas within the group, and benefit from other’s experiences.

Jo is one of the most inspiring and supportive business women I know, and genuinely keen for our growth and prosperity. But more than that – Jo actively demonstrates it with meaningful business insights, advice, and actions. So much so, that as a result of lots of lightbulb moments in the Action Group, I booked myself immediately onto her VIP Business Coaching to get deeper in and maximise on the moment.  As a result, I’ve created the kind of service that attracts exactly the clients I want to work with!

Bernay, E-learning course creator and Applied Colour Psychologist, Bernay Laity

“Every week in the AmberLife Action Group was like being plugged in and recharged.

I love working with Jo, her energy, her enthusiasm and she genuinely really cares about you and brings such vibrancy and simplicity to getting things done. The support is amazing, I was no longer alone trying to work things out.

Having action points personalised for me each week was so motivating that things got done!

I gained new clients and new skills in organising my working week. I have a renewed confidence in the way forward and now my business is feeling so exciting again.

Jo has a fantastic skill at holding the space in group meetings and bringing in so much love, motivation and positivity which flows into your being and therefore into your business. Thank you so much Jo!” Josie Truelove, Mind Calm Practitioner and Reiki Teacher Training

Josie Truelove, Mind Calm Practitioner, Reiki Teacher at
Hannah Hall Testimonial VIP Mastermind Groups Online by Jo James AmberLife

“I first approached Jo for some much-needed advice when I found myself in a complicated work situation which had a number of possible outcomes. This was back in 2012.

Jo listened, asked questions and helped me realise my priorities and my self worth.

18 months later I had completed my goals and I knew I was ready for some more coaching so engaged Jo in a series of 121 sessions to help me focus on driving my business forward, rather than just ticking over. Once I’d finished these sessions I knew working with Jo was invaluable to my business and decided to join one of her mastermind groups.

At this point starting a family was a factor in my future planning and I was able to elevate my business to the level I wanted to before falling pregnant, this enabled me to have some proper maternity leave with my daughter when she came along in 2015.

Fast forward to autumn 2016, I’d been back at work for over a year, busy doing the doing and knew I needed to go back to Jo to pull my focus back to the bigger picture. She has this wonderful way of making you appreciate what you are capable of then setting goals to achieve it and holding you accountable to these goals!

I have now been back in an Amberlife VIP Mastermind group for a year and it’s been the most successful year I’ve had. The team has grown, business has developed and we’ve won some fantastic contracts. As well as these business achievements I have also managed to protect my time with my family which is so important to me.

Thank-you Jo xxx”

Hannah Hall, CEO, Events Manager
Patty Cruz-Fouchard Testimonial for Jo James AmberLife
“In my role as APDO-UK International Officer I help organise our annual conference. I source speakers that will teach, inspire and make an impact – this is the reason I asked Jo to speak to our group of Professional Organisers about “Selling the Anti-Selling Way.

Jo’s presentation style is very dynamic and interactive. In an hour slot, Jo managed to make us think, share and have clear take away tools.
It was clear that Jo had done her research about our Indcustry and how she could apply her knowledge to our profession with clear examples.

She is not only knowledgeable and extremely professional but also funny and witty, which makes the content more memorable.”

Patty Cruz-Fouchard, Professional Life Hacker, owner of Organised and Simple.

Patty Cruz-Fouchard, Organised and Simple
Valerie Merrill Testimonial for Jo James AmberLife
“Jo possesses the ability to work with people both creatively and logically. She makes the sale process easy and motivates you to get going to sell your service/product. She teaches you to deal with the setbacks, organise your pitch, refine your research and gets you in the right mind set to help you make that sale. I highly recommend her Sales workshops and I think everyone should do a Jo James Sales Seminar! Thanks Jo.”

Valerie Merrill, IT Trainer, owner of Merrill Consultants Ltd

Valerie Merrill , Merrill Consultants
Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith Testimonial member of VIP Mastermind Groups Online by Jo James AmberLife
“Before I started working with Jo, I was already doing well in my private practice, but Government imposed changes in our healthcare sector brought with it a mammoth leap in costs.

Jo helped me achieve my goal of being maximally booked with clients, in under six months, which is staggering when you consider that growth in my sector is actually contracting not expanding for most clinicians.

Being part of the Mastermind group has made all the difference in the world. There is a wonderful sense of community and accountability, and we can share ideas and problem solve together, all with Jo’s fabulous direction.

Joining Jo James’ Mastermind group is the single best business decision I have ever made, besides starting a business of my own. Do yourself a favour, and make the decision to join too.”

Dr. Catherine Spencer-Smith, owner of Sportdoc London

Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith, VIP Mastermind Member
“I was going through a major business overhaul and wanted time to get away, focus on the business, talk through some ideas and get clarity on my goals, which is why I booked the retreat.

It was a safe environment in which we could discuss everything, and I loved the ideas, help and support, the breakthrough moments and the laughter.

I’ve certainly got clarity and a plan to put everything into action now.

The food was absolutely fabulous.
The massage and hydrotherapy were a lovely way of starting the retreat
Yoga sessions and walks on the beach were relaxing and were a real energy boost.

Working with Jo James was an uplifting, positive and fun experience.
Facilitated brilliantly, helping us stay on track when we drifted off our path!”

Kay Daniels, Financial Troubleshooter.
F Lerouge Testimonial for Jo James AmberLife
“I had an extremely valuable experience recently when Jo gave me some business coaching. It had been a very challenging time and I had lost the sense of purpose I needed for the business to be successful. Jo reminded me that with clarity comes power and encouraged me to be very specific about the goals I wanted to achieve, particularly about how much money I needed to generate each month.

As soon as I decided on the figure I needed I felt a new sense of purpose and relief. Within the next week I was offered a training contract which would generate exactly the amount I had decided on. Jo had reminded me of the power of setting an intention and it was exactly the coaching I needed.”

F.Lerouge, Executive Coaching Client, London

F.Lerouge, London. , AmberLife Business Coaching Client
Annie Armitage, Testimonial for Jo James AmberLife
“Jo has helped me achieve new heights in my business. Before I met Jo I was a wandering creative who was finding it incredibly hard to be motivated and inspired about the art of business. The business coaching I have with her enable me to be focused, organised and goal orientated and be open to opportunities that before I might have missed.

I have certainly increased my sales by 45% two consecutive years now and attribute that success to Jo helping me to plan and see what needed to be achieved instead of aimlessly going from month to month hoping for the best.

Jo is great to work with and she lights up a room with her charismatic bubbly personality and is alway upbeat and positive.”

Annie Armitage, Professional Photographer, owner of Annie Armitage Photography

Annie Armitage, Professional Photographer
Lucy Williams, Testimonial for Jo James AmberLife
“Selling is hard and horribly unpleasant, right? Wrong! At least, not after a day spent at Jo’s brilliant and insightful Sales Masterclass Workshop. Definitely THE best thing to have happened to my business so far this year.

The workshop was jam packed full of tips and techniques which have helped enormously in getting my head around the psychology of selling and having confidence in the quality of my product. Jo’s enthusiasm and creativity is infectious and I can now quite honestly say that I am ENJOYING selling! (I never, ever thought I would say that!)

The workshop has transformed the way I feel about selling to my clients and instead of feeling nervous in my skills, both on the phone and by email, I am embracing every opportunity I have to feel proud to offer a high quality product and high value service that I truly believe in.
At long last I feel that I am ‘selling’ with integrity and genuine passion!
And the proof is in the pudding. Since Jo’s workshop I’m delighted to say that I have booked every single enquiry! How fantastic is that! I have also introduced a brand new pricing plan and I am already seeing pretty amazing results with profits almost tripling those of the previous four months. Impressive!”

Lucy Williams, Photographer, owner of My Heart Skipped