Get clarity, confidence and clients, fast.

Starting up and running a profitable, sustainable business takes your commitment, focus and continued action.

Are you struggling to find new clients or getting stressed with having peaks and troughs in your income?

Are you getting overwhelmed with all the things you could do, but can’t decide which one to do for the best?

I am here to help you.

If you are ready to get more clients and earn more money, to work smarter (not harder!), to get some direction and dynamic action in your business, let’s talk.

My speciality is giving you an empowering combination of proven sales and marketing strategies for business growth, coupled with a confident, capable, business mindset.

With 25+ years experience of running six and seven-figure businesses and my training in NLP (the best tool I have found yet for personal and business development), I have the tools you need to get clarity,  focus and to significantly increase your sales.

The AmberLife “6-Figure-Business” Coaching Programme is designed to empower you and grow your business.

“Since working with Jo James I have consistently increased my income each quarter and tripled my annual revenue to a six-figure business.  I loved how Jo structured a plan for me to work towards. Sometimes life gets a little chaotic, and when it did, I was able to refer to the plan and get back on track to achieving my goals. I’ve had my best year yet. Result!

I recommend Jo James to any Solopreneur wanting to get clarity and the answers to create a six-figure business.”  Laura Thomson, Trainer.

Here’s how this programme works in 6 super-effective steps to give you structure and strategies for success

Step #1: Clarity

The first step is to help you get clarity on your business vision and business model

Together, we:

✓ Work out what you want to achieve from your business

✓ Look at where you are now and where you want to get to

✓ Discover your purpose and identify your ideal clients

✓ Set your internal sat nav to give you the focus and direction you are probably craving!

It’s a powerful exercise, so get ready for more sales in your business!

You will leave the session feeling clearer and more confident.

During each session, I will outline a plan of action and prioritise what needs to happen next. Step by step. 

I will also teach you a powerful de-stressing technique to help you relax in an instant.

Cara McCarthy Testimonial for Business Coaching with Jo James AmberLife

Step # 2: Focus

In Session 2, we look at maximising your opportunities  and which steps to focus on now

We will :

✓ De-clutter whatever is holding you back from the success you deserve

✓ Review your products and pricing

And I will

✓ Get you started on my proven, easy-to-use yet super-effective sales strategy

✓ Show you a brilliant way to get organised, prioritise your workload and improve your time management.

✓ Identify the structure you need in your business right now to make your life easier

You will leave session 2 feeling more confident  and have the easy-to-implement yet super-effective sales tools and techniques to boost your income.

Step# 3: Enhancing your online Strategies to get more leads and enquiries

You will:

✓ Discover powerful copywriting techniques to enhance your blog and get more enquiries from your website

✓ Identify how you can attract more of your ideal customers online and build relationships.

✓ Boost your social media following and learn how to raise your online profile

Leave session 3 with new online tools and feel calm, organised, empowered, and (most importantly!) excited about your business.

testimonial for jo james amberlife

Step # 4: Belief Busting & Belief Boosting

Are your beliefs helping you or hindering you?

In this part of the programme, we can take the time to discuss and change any limiting beliefs to be more helpful and serve you better (after all, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind!)

Beliefs are programmed into us from a very early age and we add to them as we get older. But, are they helping you or holding you back from the success you deserve now? Some beliefs may, quite simply, be out of date!

In this session, together we use NLP tools to release you from your limiting beliefs to allow you to live life and run your business the way you want to.  You will feel free from past problems and revitalised with your new more helpful beliefs,  empowering you for more success.

Step #5: Talk a Deeper Talk

Discover super-effective communication skills to engage your clients and win new business.

✓ Discover if your internal dialogue helping or hindering you?

✓ Learn what language will help you to motivate yourself and to create a deeper rapport with your clients

✓ Learn what to say to help you ‘close’ for more business.

“I TREBLED my business in 9 months to multiple six-figures working with Jo. It all became more do-able. I’ve been clear on what to do next, who to target and how to win clients. Result!” Ally Maughan, People Puzzles HR Consultancy

Step # 6: Ooze Confidence

In this session we will work on your presentation skills and networking secrets for success

Re-discover how to:

✓ Feel confident when making client presentations to win more business and gain new contracts

✓ Network effectively to enjoy yourself AND importantly to get a better return on your investment

✓ Be proud your sexy systems are now in place and working well.

✓ Feel good whenever you want to!

Leave this session oozing with confidence, and get your natural sparkle back.

Jules Peck Testimonial for JO James AmberLife VIP Business Coaching

How does the 6 Figure Business Coaching Program work?

Your programme will be designed uniquely to you.  We will focus on what you need to do next to grow your business.

It is guaranteed to make a positive difference the success of your business and you will feel happier and more confident to drive business growth.

How we work together

One-to-one sessions

We meet for private sessions in the Algarve or online in my AmberLife zoom room, giving you a safe and inspiring space to work on your business, learn what you need to do next and how to do it.

Clear Action Points

We will identify clear action points for you to complete before your next session. Having someone to be accountable to again will make all the difference to your success (some clients even call me their secret line manager!).

From your very first session, you will be more aware of your strengths and talents, leading you to become more confident, happier and clearer on how to grow your business and feel good along the way.

Follow-up calls

Follow-up calls will be arranged in between your one-to-one sessions. This way you have my support and guidance all the way through the programme to keep you on track, focused and clear about your direction.

Heads-Up calls

Call me when you need me! If you just need time to talk through what’s on your mind for some helpful advice and a quick boost I am here throughout the programme to help and support you.

So, are you ready to grow your business and feel good?

Take the first step today by contacting me, and I’ll help you the rest of the way.

Book your introductory call right here, and fast-track your way through your challenges and take your business to the next level.