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In six months of working with Jo, I had implemented structure and systems that worked well each month!” Hannah Hall Sunflower Events.

Annie launched her new service in the AmberLife Action Group

I have worked with Jo over the last 8 years more recently being coached and encouraged in her Action Groups.  As a photographer, I felt it was important to continue to invest in my development and joined Jo’s Action Group to help me keep momentum in my business development.
I have successfully launched a new photography service with the help and encouragement of the AmberLife Action Group, and I am very grateful to Jo for her NLP techniques, accountability, and business knowledge that have helped me so much through these challenging times. Highly recommend!”
Annie Armitage, The Virtual Photoshoot Company

Annie Armitage, Virtual Photography

Within 6 months of starting work with Jo I DOUBLED my turnover and it is still increasing.

I had been looking for a business coach for a while who could help me to stop wandering around in the wilderness so to speak and get me on track and focused to build my business. When I met Jo I knew she was the coach for me. I felt immediately at ease as if I had known her for years. The enthusiasm and dedication that she showed to my business along with her expertise has meant that I am more focused, working more efficiently and have a clear picture of where I want to go with my business and how to get there. I love all the actions that I am taking with Jo’s help – it’s so much fun working together! If you are struggling to know what to do in your business or have lost direction and focus, then Jo James is most definitely the coach for you.”

“I TREBLED my business in 9 months to multiple six-figures working with Jo. It all become more do-able, I’ve been clear on what to do next, who to target and how to win clients. Result!” Ally Maughan, People Puzzles HR Consultancy

I love working with Jo.
It was really helpful having an online-space where I could dedicate a couple of hours every week to my business. No courses to work through, no webinars or hard-sell, I appreciated the simplicity of this – just the benefit of Jo’s experience and insight on my business every week along with the support of a small like-minded group of women. Really practical help combined with Jo’s enthusiasm is a great combination especially during tough times – Jo is priceless! Lisa Webb, Creative Director.

“Jo’s skills at bringing out the best in people and her generous, kind nature make her a natural coach. Her enthusiasm for her clients’ projects and her belief in an individual’s abilities are contagious. I highly recommend her for all manner of coaching requirements, be it work-related or personal.” Sally-Ann, Director

Since working with Jo James I have consistently increased my income each quarter and tripled my annual revenue to a six-figure business.  I loved how Jo structured a plan for me to work towards.

Sometimes life gets a little chaotic, and when it did, I was able to refer to the plan and get back on track to achieving my goals. I’ve had my best year yet” Result!

I recommend Jo James to any Solopreneur wanting to get clarity and the answers to create a six-figure business.”  Laura T, Trainer.

“Jo is a stellar business coach, whose passion, commitment, energy, and infectious belief was exactly what I needed. Jo took me under her wing, pumped some confidence and vision back into me, and sharing her extensive insight, showed me how to build a business that can stand on its own two feet. I got over a bunch of mindset barriers, built a gorgeous website, launched a regular newsletter, and most importantly, gained clients and have been enjoying building on those relationships ever since. It was without doubt one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and in my business. I can’t thank you enough, Jo!” Cara McCarthy, OD Specialist & Executive Coach

“Working with Jo is ideal for me. Her no-nonsense approach to identifying my goals, setting stepping stone action points in place and keeping me accountable is just what I need. We speak to set targets and discuss how plans and actions are going, and it’s one of the best investments in my business I’ve made in 19 years. Being accountable is valuable when you’re self-employed and her guidance, support and ideas are just what I need to get me out of my comfort zones and into the places I want to shine. Thanks, Jo!”  Roz McLeod, voice coach.

“Jo really helped me enormously.  She helped me focus on what I was offering, and to which markets. She suggested effective sales and marketing systems which I have implemented, and already got results from. Plus Jo also helped me develop my copywriting skills for my website, blogs and newsletters.
Her enthusiasm is great, she’s always at the end of the phone if you have a question or just need some encouragement. She also gave me some great tools to use, which are helping me stay focused.” Joanna Gaudoin, Consultant, Speaker.

“Before I met Jo I was a wandering creative who was finding it incredibly hard to be motivated and inspired about the art of business.

The 1:1 sessions I have with her enable me to be focused, organised and goal orientated and be open to opportunities that before I might have missed.

Jo has helped me achieve new heights in my business and I’ve increased my sales by 45% for two consecutive years now and attribute that success to Jo helping me to plan and see what needed to be achieved, instead of aimlessly going from month to month hoping for the best!

Jo is great to work with and she lights up a room with her charismatic bubbly personality and is always upbeat and positive.” Annie Armitage, Photographer.

“I wish you could bottle Jo’s energy, she is so positive and uplifting. I came away from each session feeling a great sense of achievement and also feeling excited about what I can achieve in the weeks ahead. In a short space of time, Jo has helped me conquer long-term issues that have been bothering me for years. By giving me the tools to help myself strive in both my professional and personal life, I have achieved more than I could have imagined. As a result, I am more confident, motivated, and a lot happier than I have been in a long time.” Private Client, London

“Working with Jo was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

3 years ago I was lost. I was feeling complete overwhelm, confusion and lack of direction for where my business was heading. I was about to give up.

Enter Jo James.

I started working with Jo in one of her monthly London Mastermind groups. From our very first mastermind day I immediately knew I had made the right decision. Jo has given me easy-to-implement processes, and above all clarity. I know what I need to do and I know how I am going to do it.

Since working with Jo in the last three years I have streamlined my business, doubled my income from when I was in gainful employment AND I have even started a new business which is fast becoming a huge success.

If you are thinking of working with Jo James, stop thinking and start today.” Wil Watts, Events Director and Gin expert!

“Jo’s energy, knowledge and positivity are awesome! During my first session with Jo, she outlined a strategy that has generated an EXTRA £4,000 a month for me. Her rapport skills and belief in her clients are second to none. She is such an experienced coach and has the ability to empower and support whilst also challenging those ‘limiting beliefs’ in her clients. Jo must be the coach of choice for any savvy, aspirational woman wishing to raise her game.” Jules Peck, Trainer.

” After 1 session with Jo I understood the power of NLP and how it can help in my life and business. It’s enabled me to think clearly on what I want to achieve and has given me the tools to reach my goals. It isn’t complicated but extremely powerful. I completed a six-session programme with Jo and I now feel far more focused, productive and stress-free on what I’m doing, Thank you.” Carol W, Director.

“Ofter a few sessions of Jo’s brand of personal development, I feel liberated and able to cope with the world and everything it throws at me. Stress is now manageable, problems are just hiccups that can be dealt with, emotions are no longer the wild highs and lows induced by outside factors but are controllable and easier to cope with. I’m no longer dreading ‘that phone call’ or ‘that letter’ or ‘that confrontation’, as I now know that nothing is so frightening that I can’t deal with it. Jo James at AmberLife has impacted all aspects of my life, both personal and business, and the exercises employed for one obstacle have had numerous and unexpected knock-on effects in so many other areas. AmberLife has done in 3 months what 20 years of traditional therapy probably could not have fixed. I could not be more consistently motivated, driven and happy if I tried!” Matthew, Director.

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