Empowering coaching and techniques to improve your success, happiness and well-being.

The AmberLife Mind Spa is inspiring one-to-one coaching and support. Helping you to make positive changes in your life so you can move forward with focus and direction, self-belief and confidence.

Sometimes you can find yourself overwhelmed and anxious, stressed and indecisive. That’s when you know it’s time to unwind and take some time out for you – Treat yourself to a Mind Spa.

I love helping people achieve what they want to, and have helped hundreds of people turn their life and businesses around with clarity, understanding and successful strategies. They feel more confident within themselves which has a positive ripple effect in their lives, relationships, careers and business.

Business Coach + Sales Trainer Algarve Portugal gain clarity confidence clients

AmberLife’s Testimonials

“Jo’s skills at bringing out the best in people and her generous, kind nature make her a natural coach. Her enthusiasm for her clients’ projects and her belief in an individual’s abilities is contagious. I highly recommend her for all manner of coaching requirements, be it work related or personal. Sally-Ann, Director in London, W1

“You can choose to turn your aspirations into reality… Let Jo James at AmberLife help take you there”. Fiona, now a six-figure earning Consultant

I have had a difficult life from a very early age leading to a breakdown in my late thirties. Despite several years of therapy I was still susceptible to feelings of deep anxiety and fear. I had reached a point of frustration knowing that I needed help but nothing I found was giving me the results I longed for. Then I met Jo who introduced me to NLP and said she could help. After only a few sessions with Jo I have developed the skills to deal with my problems in a more practical way. I still have days when my old fears and anxieties return however where once these would have stopped me in my tracks I can now defuse their effects and get on with the business of living well. Jo is an extremely positive people-person, her enthusiasm and joy are infectious and her compassion is boundless. For those of you considering life-coaching I thoroughly recommend Jo at AmberLife.” Private client, London

“Jo has helped me immensely both on a personal and professional level. I first turned to Jo for help to get back my confidence and to clear away old memories that were hindering me (namely of a bad relationship!) She has used some fantastic techniques to clear these issues and really boost my confidence! The difference has been amazing! With that sorted, I am now working with Jo on my business goals, helping me present with confidence and really improve results. Overall I am amazed out how quickly I have progressed!”  Thanks Jo. Lucy, Streatham, London

“I wish you could bottle Jo’s energy, she is so positive and uplifting. I came away from each session feeling a great sense of achievement and also feeling excited about what I can achieve in the weeks ahead. In a short space of time Jo has helped me conquer long-term issues that have been bothering me for years. By giving me the tools to help myself strive in both my professional and personal life, I have achieved more than I could have imagined. As a result, I am more confident, motivated and a lot happier than I have been in a long time.” Private client, London

Over a few weeks of Jo’s brand of personal development, I feel liberated and able to cope with the world and everything it throws at me. Stress is now manageable, emotions are no longer the wild highs and lows induced by outside factors but are controllable and easier to cope with. I’m no longer dreading ‘that phone call’ or ‘that letter’ or ‘that confrontation’, as I now know that nothing is so frightening that I can’t deal with it. AmberLife has impacted all aspects of my life, both personal and business, and the exercises employed for one obstacle have had numerous and unexpected knock-on effects in so many other areas. AmberLife has done in 3 months what 20 years of traditional therapy probably could not have fixed. I could not be more consistently motivated, driven and happy if I tried! Director, online Media company

After 1 session with Jo, I understood the power of NLP and how it can help in my life and business. It’s enabled me to think clearly about what I want to achieve and has given me the tools to reach my goals. It isn’t complicated but extremely powerful and I now feel far more focused, productive and stress-free on what I’m doing, Thank you. Carol, Director, London

“I have been working with Jo over the last few weeks, in which time she has transformed my life and my business! She is fantastic at what she does; a great listener with a talent for getting to the root of the matter very quickly. She has brilliant strategies for implementing change and she goes above and beyond to follow up and check on your progress. I will definitely be working with Jo again and can’t recommend her highly enough.” Lucy Photographer, London

Empowering your mindset and your family’s well-being to:

✅ Reduce feelings of anxiety and feel more in control again.

✅ Enhance your communication skills for better relationships.

✅ Reduce stress and learn how to relax in an instant. Yes, really!

✅ Breakthrough whatever is holding you back from the success you deserve.

✅ Discover your decision-making strategy and plan your future with more confidence

Please contact Jo James here to arrange a free consultation or to arrange your time for a Mind Spa.

Business Coach + Sales Trainer Algarve Portugal clarity confidence clients

Are you looking for more success and happiness in your life?

Combining my coaching skills, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and successful 25 years’ business background in recruitment, sales training, and coaching, I can skillfully guide you in developing your strengths and making lasting changes. An empowering combination to achieve your goals and dreams, and importantly, feel good along the way.

Why do I incorporate NLP in my coaching sessions? “Because it works”

NLP explores how people think, feel and act to perform effectively. It’s THE best self-development tool I have discovered and is widely used in health, education, business, and by sports players use it worldwide because ‘it gets the results you want’.

It is designed to help people have personal freedom in the way they think, feel and behave.” Richard Bandler, Co-Creator of NLP who I trained with Master Practitioner level and Advanced Hypnosis in 2010, working with these skills ever since.

What do you want to achieve next? What’s stopping you?

Contact me here to book a time to talk and get your natural sparkle back.