Being an Executive can be lonely at times can’t it?  It can be stressful too if you haven’t got anybody you can talk to independently.

But you can talk to me.

My Executive Coaching Sessions are designed specifically to help you to de-stress, get clarity on your career direction, and have someone to talk to outside of the company you work for.

In times of change, I am here to help direct your clarity and focus to get your career moving in the right direction again.

With my 15 years recruitment and career coaching experience I can help you step up and stand out. 

Do you want to:

Hone your interview skills and get that job you have your heart and mind set on?

Improve your presentation skills?

Develop your leadership skills?

Email me today or call me on +44 7968 016585 to see talk about your situation and how I can help you.

Are you an Executive who needs help on your journey to get from A to B?

Do you need guidance as a newly appointed Manager and need help as you make the transition into your new position?

Do you want to learn how to communicate more effectively and confidently with your peers and your team?

Are you feeling stressed out?

Stop for a moment and take the time to talk to me about your situation to get the help you need right now.

Email me today or call me on +44 (0) 7968 016585

Quickly helping you to feel calmer and in control again.

Giving you space away from the office, confidentially being able to off-load what’s troubling you and upload what you need to help you in the short term to relieve some of that stress.

tick-amberlife Helping you to identify a plan of action with manageable steps to give you a long term view over the coming months ahead.

tick-amberlife Showing you a powerful Communication Tool that will help you liaise to all levels to create more of a win-win situation.

tick-amberlife Create a deeper rapport and understand how your language may be delaying projects or demotivating your team.

tick-amberlife Teaching you how to get your message clear and make successful presentations with confidence and ones that you even enjoy doing!

tick-amberlife Applying for a promotion or a new role and need help preparing?  You may not have been for an interview for a long time. With my previous 15 years experience of running my own Recruitment Business I can help you hone your interview skills so that you get the job you want and career progression you are looking for now.

tick-amberlife Learn a new way to organise yourself and plan your time wisely to work smarter, not even harder.

You don’t have to work it out alone any more.

Allow me to help you. In private.

The sessions take place in the AmberLife Zoom room, where the magic happens!

Contact me to discuss your situation, I am here to help you.

Call me on +447968 016 585 or email me