My Mission

When networking in London, and chatting to other business owners, I noticed so many were oozing talents and skills, but not earning the money they thought they would when they started out on their own. They were getting stressed with how to find new clients to work, with and overwhelmed with how to do it.

Aghhh, I hate seeing people not doing what they want to, or feeling trapped or stuck and I didn’t want them to have to go back to their old job or way of life. This all led me to create AmberLife in 2009 – to empower women, give them a confidence boost to create a profitable business, be independent and enjoy a fulfilling life!

I share my strategies on ‘how to sell the anti-selling way’, enabling you to grow your business and make consistent sales and make a healthy profit. Yes, ‘sales’ may be something you may first shy away from, but learning these skills are vital to your success. Otherwise, you may have a very expensive hobby!

My clients were skeptical at first, but soon loved learning my sales techniques as they saw results, quickly, and it gives them a more consistent income and future-proofs their business!

I delivered my first AmberLife Sales Training in 2010 and loved it! I could see the group having brilliant ‘aha’ moments, overcoming their fears throughout the day. It was such a thrill when so many of them told me later on, that when they’d implemented my strategies, they’d won new business. #result. One lady, a creative designer earned £10,000 in 10 days following the training. One earned £130,000 in 10 months. Brilliant results.

So it was decided! I wound down my recruitment agency I’d owned for 10 years and focused on creating AmberLife, to help small business owners stay in business and grow their business. And importantly, feel good along the way.

Since then, I have worked with and empowered hundreds of Business Owners in many industries, Creatives, Executives, Consultants and Coaches, even Private Doctors! Everyone needs to earn a consistent income, and I became known as The Go-to Coach if you want to get clarity and earn more money!’

Have a look at the upcoming Action Group, and Networking events, or work with me privately to build your six-figure business and feel good!

I help my clients get clear on their strengths, identify what to focus on, raise your profile, and develop your marketing skills to gain more leads. With my proven sales tips and techniques, you will feel more confident to convert those leads and enquiries into clients – the ideal clients you want to work with!

PLUS, I give my clients clear steps to take each month, and importantly, give you accountability and motivation to take action to get REAL results.

Many of my clients DOUBLE (or triple) their revenue and increase profits. I’d love to help you too!

Get in touch today, I’d love to hear about your business and want you want to achieve next. Let’s work together to make your business dreams a reality!

Hi, I’m Jo James, with over 25 years hands-on experience of growing 6 and 7 figure businesses starting with developing pubs and restaurants in my 20’s. My first place was The Canonbury Tavern in Islington, when I was just 23. At first it was taking only £1500 a week, but in only nine months time I grew it to £15,000 a week, 10 X business growth, #result! I was hooked, stayed there until I was 25 and with a massive bonus from our efforts, took a year off and went round the world. I love meeting new people and immersing myself into new cultures, eating new foods, and exploring our beautiful world. It was an amazing experience I will never forget, and I learned so much along the way.

When I returned to the UK I called my Area Manager and told him I was back! Next stop, Barnstaple in North Devon to take over a 13th Century Coaching Inn, with a 50 seater restaurant, a function room so I could put on weddings, a top bar with live Jazz, and a skittle alley I eventually turned into a live music venue. I grew profits and turnover in 12 months to over £1 million.

As is the case with many people, my life has taken a few twists and turns and after leaving my first husband when I was 28, I went to London myself and managed a retail health store. But boy I needed more money and a car! So after a year learning all about vitamins and helping people improve their health, I joined a leading food brand, Brakes, as an Area Sales Manager, and grew my area to seven figures, from selling over the phone, and face to face meetings, including schools, restaurants and Wembley Stadium!

At 30, I needed another new challenge, so started afresh as a Permanent Consultant for a high street recruitment agency. Wow, I loved it! Working through the first dot com boom, a recession and then seeing in the new century I was asked to be the Manager of the Canary Wharf branch. But after filling out far too many excel spreadsheets for Head Office, I missed recruiting and knew it was time for me to step up, take that leap and start my own recruitment business.

I really wanted to focus on helping my candidates to develop their careers, so at 35, I started my own Recruitment Business specialising in Media and Medical Health. I successfully grew this London based business from scratch to multiple 6-figures, starting on the dining room table with a laptop and a phone. I enjoyed working and recruiting for corporates, small businesses and creative start-ups. During the pandemic an old client got in touch and asked me to recruit for them again. I found 3 brilliant new members of staff for the vacancies they were struggling to fill. I can’t forget those recruitment skills, I loved it!

From working in saturated markets, it taught me how you’ve got to stand out, have structure and processes in place, be active and consistent with your sales and marketing, and deliver excellence. I’d love to help you stand out from the crowd, raise your profile and and be the expert in your field.

How we can work together

As one of London’s leading business coaches, I share my business, sales, tech and marketing skills with ambitious Solopreneurs and small business owners online in the AmberLife zoom room, where the magic happens! Either in quarterly Action Groups or working privately in the 6-figure business program.

Empowering my clients to significantly increase sales, and successfully build, manage and grow their brilliant businesses. And enjoy doing it!

From Piccadilly to Portugal

Since 2020 I have been working in the Algarve, Portugal as we have made the bold move and live here permanently now after 4 years travelling and working between Piccadilly and Portugal. As well as working with my clients online, it’s great to work with businesses here in the Algarve. Some of my UK clients have been here for a week working together and enjoying what the Algarve as to offer – a beautiful natural landscape, sunny peaceful surroundings, fresh local produce and friendly people. The Algarve has won many awards as Best Destination, Best Beaches and now has a great visa for digital nomads and visitors.

So do have a look at the next Retreat for Strategies in the Sun, or if you’d prefer to work with me privately here, have a look at a Breakthrough in Portugal.

Would you like some help transforming your business? Get in touch with me today and we’ll set up a time to talk or meet up. Let’s make it happen, and create your lifestyle from doing the business you love.

My clients benefit from my unique combination of coaching, NLP, sales, marketing and management skills, gained from a successful business background spanning over two decades of growing 6 and 7 figure businesses.

I’m also a closet geek and love getting techy! I’m passionate about the new technology we have and teach my clients how to maximise their WordPress sites, and set up and write email marketing campaigns and newsletters. I teach them how to mange their social media without getting overwhelmed, and I love sharing my copywriting skills, empowering them to gain new leads, attract their ideal clients and engage with their audience.

My 7 step sales strategy is a proven system to win new business. I make it palatable and do-able! Busting those myths around sales, and dispelling fears, my clients feel empowered and capable to easily achieve business growth. Have a look at the Action Group or Private Coaching to build a 6-figure business.

As well as focusing on marketing and sales, when needed I incorporate the brilliant NLP skills into my sessions – “Because it works” . Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) explores how people think, feel and act to perform effectively. It’s THE best self-development tools I have discovered, and is now widely used in health, education, business and by sports players worldwide because ‘it gets the results you want’.

My mission is to empower you to develop your sales superpowers and earn more money from your talents and skills.

Would you like to find out more to see how I can help you and your business grow? Contact me today. Let’s talk!

Empowering you to create the lifestyle you desire from doing the business you love.

What do you do on Mondays? Are you raring to go? Or do you feel overwhelmed or unable to focus and looking for Monday motivation? Join thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners and read my book called Make Your Mondays Matter.

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Discover the secrets to take your business to the next level, giving you my proven sales strategy and techniques to win new business. Plus with my energy management and time management techniques you will feel more in control of your day, and have more time for you, to do what you want to do!

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Empowering you to take action on Mondays to see more results by Friday!

With space to record your progress and make notes, the book is a step-by-step how-to guide to propel your business to the next level, and one full year of support from me.

So, if you’re stuck in a revenue rut, want to see a more consistent flow of new business or are feeling overwhelmed and unable to focus, this book is for you.

Written in the best way I know how I’ll be there every Monday to guide you, encourage you and give you a gentle nudge to action too. What do you want to achieve next?

Jo James offers practical, useful and down to earth advice in this book. I literally have not put it down since it arrived. I have already made notes and feel more empowered. Well done Jo! I recommend this book to anyone in business” Mark Mills, entrepreneur.

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If you want to find out more how I can help you and your business grow, contact me today. Let’s talk!