The AmberLife Action Group, propelling your Business Development in Q2, 2023

Hello, how are you getting on? With the increasing challenges business owners are facing, the AmberLife Action Groups will equip you with tools to help you thrive, not just survive.

Are you looking to make more sales, and need to re-boot your business development activity? Do you need proven ways to manage your time and energy levels?

The AmberLife Action Group will help you transform your business in Q2 2023, focusing on mindset strategies for success and giving you practical sales techniques to drive business growth to support your business future. “Future-proofing your business“, as my clients say!

Attending the Action Group with other people powering through similar issues was motivating. Techniques to manage my time have already made a difference and I’ve been consistent with my sales activity to drive revenue. Jo’s energy and drive is infectious. Her advice is both pragmatic and easy to put into practice immediately. Doing these sessions as part of a group makes it a great place to share difficulties of the week, get advice and learn more to build your business.”  Clare Mayell, Director of Projects that deliver 

Let’s FUTURE-PROOF your business. 

I’ll empower you with the best MINDSET techniques and PRACTICAL proven ways to make more sales and make progress on your goals.

PLUS, I’ll be answering your questions in Q&A time AND give you personalised Action Points to help you stay on track during the week.

Propelling you to take action to develop your business, and see more results. Imagine how good that will feel. 🙌🏼

This is NOT a series of videos for you to watch. I’m here, helping you every week working on your business with you.

Business development is essential to the longevity and ease of your business success. And it doesn’t have to be hard, or take ages to see results!

AmberLife Action Group with Jo James AmberLife

EVERY member of The Action Groups feels more confident to drive business growth with 96 % of clients having won NEW business during the 10-week program. I’m so proud of them and how they took action together. 🤩

Nadrali DOUBLED her SALES and PROFIT and said she didn’t realise it would be so much fun!

“I’m so happy I joined Jo James’ Action Group in Q2, 2022. It was a really wonderful experience, we wanted to take Ben and Nadrali Ceramics a step further, make more profit and the Action Group was definitely the right step for us.

We were able to increase our sales, in fact, DOUBLE our sales over that 10-week period. I have a toolbox FULL of tools to go on using. Jo James’ energy is completely contagious, I feel so much more CONFIDENT and have so much more know-how.

I’m really excited to see where we go with Ben and Nadrali Ceramics with all these NEW TOOLS and INSIGHTS. It was really FUN, really QUICK and EFFECTIVE and VERY PROFITABLE for us so thank you very much, Jo, it was great.” Nadrali from Ben and Nadrali Ceramics

Join me in Q2 2023 to work ON your business, not just in it!

tick-amberlife Have a positive and safe space to work on your business

tick-amberlife Develop your marketing and sales skills to raise your profile and win new business.

tick-amberlife Enjoy empowering mindset strategies for a better working day

tick-amberlife Drive business growth with my super-effective, easy-to-implement 7-step growth plan. We’ll do it together!

No more sitting there by yourself wondering what to do! Join me to work on your business in the Q2 Action Group and see REAL results, fast. Feel good knowing you have taken positive steps for your personal development and future-proof your business!

Business Coach + Sales Trainer Algarve Portugal clarity confidence clients

“Every week in the Action Group was like being plugged in and recharged.

I love working with Jo, her energy, her enthusiasm and she genuinely really cares about you and brings such vibrancy and simplicity to getting things done. The support is amazing, I was no longer alone trying to work things out.

Having action points personalised for me each week was so motivating that things got done!

I gained new clients and new skills in organising my working week. I have a renewed confidence in the way forward and now my business is feeling so exciting again.

Jo has a fantastic skill at holding the space in group meetings and bringing in so much love, motivation and positivity which flows into your being and therefore into your business. Thank you so much Jo, why didn’t I work with you sooner!” Josie Truelove, Mind Calm Practitioner and Reiki Teacher Training

Get clarity, a renewed confidence, and work with new clients.

Do you want to work with MORE of your ideal clients and grow your business?

Come on board! Work with me in the Action Group and I’ll help you every step of the way.

We’ll meet in Q2 for 10 x 90 minutes online together for group training , AND in Q&A time you can get your questions answered.

There’s plenty of interaction during the 10 week training too, it’s engaging and experiential.

You’ll discover proven Sales, Marketing and Mindset techniques, empowering you to build your business, and feel good along the way.

And, you will inspire each other as you go on this journey together.

I have worked with Jo over the last 8 years more recently being coached and encouraged in her Action Groups.  As a photographer, I felt it was important to continue to invest in my development and joined Jo’s Action Group to help me keep momentum in my business development.

I have successfully launched a new photography service with the help and encouragement of the Action Group, and I am very grateful to Jo for her NLP techniques, accountability, and business knowledge that have helped me so much through these challenging times. Highly recommend!

Annie Armitage, The Virtual Photoshoot Company

Empowering you with vital skills for success!

During these 10 weeks in The AmberLife Action Group you can:

tick-amberlife Activate your intention to drive business growth
tick-amberlife Create excitement for your business and make REAL progress

tick-amberlifeTake action, feel empowered, and stop getting in your own way!
tick-amberlifeImplement your learnings together, and generate new business.

tick-amberlife Optimise opportunities and get clarity to maximise your revenue

tick-amberlife Notice your sales superpowers develop during the 10 weeks to see more results and work with more of your ideal clients. 🙌🏼

Business Coach + Sales Trainer Algarve Portugal clarity confidence clients

How do you want to feel by the end of June, and beyond?

Develop your business mindset and be able to respond with more confidence to the challenges ahead.

It’s not mindfulness, although we will be mindful and create new neural pathways for success. We’re not making vision boards, although we will create a propelling vision for your business. This is not a 90-day challenge, but you will LOVE the progress that you have made.

This Action Group is a positive way of working together on your business and having some time for your own self-development

I’m feeling so positive, which in these times is a relief and gives me more purpose. In 6 weeks, I signed up 5 new clients with my new service and I’ve had my best months ever.

My business is using my Bodylogiq approach to relieve people from pain, working with entrepreneurs on their backs, necks and shoulders. Jo helped me to create the Bodylogiq clinic online, and I now have a clear way of how I can serve my clients which has opened up new opportunities to work all over the world.

I’m clearer and feel more confident my business will thrive.

Take advantage of this offer and get Jo’s help and eyes on your business.” Karen Chapell, Pain-Free Practitioner

Let’s build your business together.

Email me to Join Us now for Q2. I look forward to welcoming you into the AmberLife zoom room, an encouraging and safe space for you to learn and grow.

Your investment for ALL 10 weeks is only £995.00, but you can SAVE £300 if you book your place today, so only £695.00 to join the group*

*The numbers in the group are limited to 6 people, so I can give you individual time and attention, so reserve your place today to avoid disappointment.

Thanks for the session today. I’m finding them very helpful and it’s so nice to be part of such a gorgeous group of people. I am moving forwards without a doubt, thanks to being a part of this group, thank you 🙏” said one of the action group members.

🤩 I look forward to working with you. Let’s build!

Email me here if you have any questions, we can always have a call or a zoom first to answer any questions.

To your success and happiness,

Jo James xx

P.S. I’d love to work with you to develop your business. Email me here if you have any questions.

If you know of a business owner who wants to develop their business now, please forward this page to help them. Thank you in advance. 🙌🏼

“I love working with Jo.
It was really helpful having an online space where I could dedicate a couple of hours every week to my business. No courses to work through, no webinars or hard-sell, I appreciated the simplicity of this – just the benefit of Jo’s experience and insight on my business every week along with the support of a small like-minded group of women. Really practical help combined with Jo’s enthusiasm is a great combination, especially during tough times – Jo is priceless!”

Lisa Webb, Creative Director, Pink Frog Design

Book on to the AmberLife Action Group Q2 2023 and

work with me and other brilliant business owners to build your business, and feel doing it!

Your investment is usually £995 to work together in Q2, from April to end of June 2023,

BUT, you can book your place today for only £695, and SAVE £300.

Including personalised Action Points and Q&A time every week.

Dip in and out or join us for all 10 sessions for maximum impact!

Plus you’ll have access to more Action Group bonuses when you join.

Do you need a payment plan? No problem!

email me to join and arrange 2 payments of £355

Plus you’ll have access to special Action Group bonuses when you join.

I’d love to welcome you into the AmberLife Action Group for you and your business.

To your success and happiness

Jo James

I’m here to help you make more sales and feel good along the way.
Let’s build your brilliant business together!