Imagine waking up feeling like you’ve had the best night’s sleep in months. You’re looking relaxed and happier too! Your shoulders have dropped and you have that feeling of excitement for your business again. You have clarity on how you can transform your business to make it more profitable, to make it work smarter for you and your desired lifestyle.
‘So why don’t I feel like that now?’ I hear you ask. With the past few years we have lived through, many business owners are feeling tired, alone, frustrated, and have sadly lost their mojo.
We’ve missed that beautiful connection and inspired feeling we get when we’re together and some women have missed having their own space to think!

Have you felt like this too?

Then you’re in the right place. I have created the most beautiful business retreat for you, giving you the space to work on your business, while you reconnect with your dreams and goals.
I want you to succeed in your business, be financially independent and create the lifestyle you desire.
You will return home feeling empowered, refreshed and with your renewed confidence, ready to bring your dreams to life again.
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed too often? During the retreat you can say good bye to your stress. Discover how to manage your time and energy with empowering self-development techniques that will stay with you for life, to feel more confident, in control and content.

  • Are you getting in your own way of success? Maybe you’ve heard the phrase self-sabotaging? We all do it in some way! But what would happen if you didn’t stop yourself from doing something? What if you could change unhelpful habits and regain your confidence? You’d be unstoppable, right! Get the tools during the retreat for what you really want to create with your business and lifestyle!

  • Are you feeling stuck on how to elevate your business? Giving you clarity on how you can significantly increase your sales is my specialty. My clients usually double or triple their revenue and results, and I’d love to help you raise your profile, make more money and feel super-proud of your business again.

  • Do you need time out and space to breathe? Importantly you will have the time to unwind, de-stress and allow yourself to be pampered and feel those worries slip away and enjoy feeling relaxed and get some all-important ‘me-time’. When was the last time you had some solid me-time?

    Wouldn’t it be great to drop the frustration and put yourself first for a change?

Hi, I’m Jo James!

AmberLife Business Retreats are held in the beautiful Algarve in Portugal. These retreats are designed for Solopreneurs, small business owners, teams and executives wanting to make changes in their business and to relax, learn and laugh together.

My clients usually DOUBLE (or treble) their revenue, and always talk of having renewed CONFIDENCE and CLARITY in HOW to build their business and achieve their personal goals.

During the retreats, I will focus on helping you create your mindset for success and identify your next steps for business growth. Or a total restructure to transform your business and lifestyle, if you so desire! I’d love to help you realise your dreams and goals, with more ease and enjoyment.

kate darracott testimonial Jo James

Kate Darracott, Microbarbox

“I really loved the pace of the retreat, the leisurely mealtimes to the very focused sessions, all set in a stunning location. I now have a much clearer picture of how I’m going to take MicroBarBox to the next level and have a very detailed set of steps to get there.

As well as focusing on your own business it’s great to hear about everyone else’s business challenges and how they are moving forward, or hearing about lessons learned. It makes the whole retreat seem very much like a team effort and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how their businesses progress as well as pushing forward with my own.

I love your seemingly endless supply of energy Jo, and the way everything was organised and in place before we arrived.

An absolute joy to work with, a heady mix of business strategies and fun.”

Discover Strategies in the Sun

  • Relax and Revitalise your senses and discover de-stressing techniques, to help you relax in an instant. Immediately you will feel calmer and back in control.
  • Design how you want to live and work – Create a compelling vision for you and your business and set your internal Sat Nav for success.

  • Remember ‘Me time’? Get it back! Learn THE best time management and energy management tool that my clients use to gain more time in their business schedules and their private lives.

  • Create deeper relationships – Discover how we can use language to help us, not hinder us. These simple yet powerful changes in communication have produced better understanding of ourselves and developed deeper communication and relationships with your clients, teams and family. So many wins!

  • Magnetise your mind – say goodbye to what’s holding you back, and feel confident to take action on your dreams and goals.

  • Move forward with your dreams. We’ll discuss any pressing business issues that you may have. Giving you solutions that suit you and your business, I will transform them into an action plan that you can take home with you.

Annie Armitage, Testimonial for Jo James AmberLife

Annie Armitage, Professional Photographer

“Jo has helped me achieve new heights in my business. Before I met Jo I was a wandering creative who was finding it incredibly hard to be motivated and inspired by the art of business. The business coaching I have with her enable me to be focused, organised and goal orientated and be open to opportunities that before I might have missed.

I have certainly increased my sales by 45% three consecutive years now and attribute that success to Jo helping me to plan and see what needed to be achieved instead of aimlessly going from month to month hoping for the best.

Jo is great to work with and she lights up a room with her charismatic bubbly personality and is always upbeat and positive.”

Get your mojo back!

I will give you an empowering boost during the retreat and the tools to stay motivated when you return home.
Discover how you can change how you feel with ease and develop more helpful habits, which will stay with you for life.

Take home your new-found calmness , joy and excitement you’ll feel again for your business.
All my coaching is designed to help you achieve your business goals and lead the lifestyle you desire.

Kay Daniels, Financial Troubleshooter.

“I was going through a major business overhaul and wanted time to get away, focus on my business, talk through some ideas and get clarity on my goals, which is why I booked the retreat.

It was a safe environment in which we could discuss everything, and I loved the ideas, help and support, the breakthrough moments and the laughter.

I’ve certainly got clarity and a plan to put everything into action now.

The food was absolutely fabulous.
Yoga sessions and walks on the beach were relaxing and were a real energy boost.

Working with Jo James was an uplifting, positive and fun experience.
Facilitated brilliantly, helping us stay on track when we drifted off our path!”

sunset in Albufeira AmberLife Business Retreat 2018

I’m looking forward to welcoming you here in sunny Portugal.

Relax, recharge and re-set at the next Business Retreat and discover new Strategies in the Sun.

Please contact me to discuss dates and any questions on +447968 016585 or email me today.

To your success and happiness,


P.S. I want the retreat to be safe for you.

The hotel adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness and covid safety.

Covid regulations apply for entering Portugal and please check the latest guidelines for when returning to your home country. Insurance needs to be taken out in your name including Trip Insurance that covers covid or cancellations.

Are you ready to relax, recharge and re-set your business?