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5 Tips for post networking event action Blog by Jo James AmberLife

5 Tips for post networking event action

Effective networking takes time and effort, so don’t waste the opportunities that you have started creating.

If you didn’t connect with everyone at the event, no worries, there’s still time to connect with them this week! Let’s focus on carrying on the conversations and keeping in touch with your networks online.

Here’s a 5 step checklist to use after the events to help your networking be more effective.

1️⃣ Find out if there was a hashtag for the event to find other attendees. Have a look on your social feeds for those who attended the same event and connect, follow them and support them.

2️⃣ Find the people you were talking to, connect with them and follow them, send them a LinkedIn request to connect, and a brief message saying lovely to meet you at the [insert name of event here] event.

3️⃣ What are their preferred social media platforms? Connect with them there.

4️⃣ Who did you say you can put someone in touch with? Follow up with any information or another person’s contact details if you said you could!

5️⃣ See if you’ve been mentioned/tagged in a post, see if you are in any photos, and comment on their post, or do you need to say thanks to someone?

So go on, supercharge your networking time this week and use these 5 Tips for post-events, and make your networking work for you, et all!

It’s worth the time and effort. Your business will thank you.

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