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Aligning Your Values for more ease, effectiveness, and less stress

Soon we’ll be kicking off Q4 with the Monday Coaching Club next Monday morning, my monthly online event to help you trive.
Giving you time and space to set your exciting goals and dive deep into the world of values.

Why is it important to work with your values?

I’ve had many clients talk about being in two minds as to whether a client was ideal for them or not. Were they a good match?
Sometimes, they had agreed to work with someone, but wish they had said no! Has it happened to you before?

I also coached many people who worked with companies that had different values from their own and had a much more difficult time. When working with the Executive team they sometimes disagreed or they were left feeling confused and frustrated as to why there were so many misunderstandings, and they felt flat and out of place.

They didn’t recognize the values misalignment was the main cause of so much miscommunication and stress.

When values are a good match, it all becomes easier and more effective! 

I’m pleased to say one of my clients has recently gained a new role that is so aligned with her values, that she feels valued now. She persevered to find a company that matched her values, and the short-term contract quickly became a discussion for a permanent position within the company. When values align, success soars.

This can happen with personal relationships too. Because life, your career, and your business, are all about relationships, and the happier ones seem to have a higher “values match”.

Do you ever find yourself saying “I ignored my gut feeling” or “I just didn’t hear the warning signs”? Or maybe you’ve felt that a business partnership or a new proposal just didn’t “fit” quite right?

Our values can change along the way as we learn more about ourselves, our business and how we want to work and live, and who with!

Come and join us to explore your Values

On October 2nd at the Monday Coaching Club, I will guide you through an exercise to elicit your values, to supercharge your success.

You will gain an understanding of how to prioritise working with your values when aligned for success, and far less stress.

Do you want to strengthen your client relationships, or secure a more rewarding and satisfying contract? Work where you feel happier and valued?

Join me next Monday, 2nd October online, 11 am – 12.30 pm.

When your values are crystal clear and well-identified, your goals will fall perfectly into place.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your Q4.

Join us next Monday, 2nd October, online in my AmberLife Zoom room.

Head here to book your place via Eventbrite or to book via invoice, or if you have any questions please email me here.

To your success and happiness,
Jo James xx

Your Business Coach propelling your business to the next level.

P.S. Hope to see you at October’s Monday Coaching Club and dive in the world of values with you.

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