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How to Rev up your sales activity after summer

With many business owners and decision-makers now back at their desks after the holidays, it’s time to go up a gear!

From your sales activity before or during summer, who said, “Get back to me in September or October”?

Have a Top 10!

Make a list of those people to create your Top 10 and schedule some time to follow up with them again.

It’s easy to keep going on to the next thing, but it’s also the relationships you’ve started that will benefit from nurturing and more understanding.

Only about 1% of sales happen on the first point of contact.

So there’s plenty of room and opportunity for growth, and to make more sales!

Your Action Point today is to:

First, write out your Top 10 and then today choose at least 3 people from your list and give them a call, or arrange a coffee with them. Then call the others on your Top 10 over the next week, and have some great conversations.

They said they wanted you to get in touch in September or October.

Happy following up!

My clients love working with their Top 10 as it gives them a proven method of focusing on their sales activity beacuse it works so well and they make good progress, and make more sales. Try it if you haven’t yet!

If you’re looking to read more on this subject and develop your sales superpowers, head to Page 110 in my book, Make Your Mondays Matter, or head to Amazon here for your copy. I hope you enjoy all the revenue-boosting tips to grow your business, one Monday at a time!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jo James xx

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