New season, new goals! What's your reason for setting your goals? Blog by Jo James AmberLife

What’s your reason for setting your goals for the new season?

On the first week of the new season, let’s set some exciting goals!

If you’re recently back from holidays or have been busy and looking for time to Refocus for September, this is for you!

What are your plans for the month ahead, have you set your goals for September and the new season ahead?

You may have dreamed about your business potential from a sunbed on a beach or in your garden and have ideas whirring around, and wondering where to start?

Some goals start with a dream, a vision, or a desire to improve something.What are you reasons for setting goals? New goals New season Blog by Jo James AmberLife

Some goals are financial, some from the heart, some from outside influences.

Some goals come from a place of necessity, a must-have, or a need to do more for the desired outcome.

And there are plenty of other reasons to set goals! But most of all, because they work!

Let me help you see what next steps you need to focus on to make your dreams and goals happen.

My clients feel motivated and clear with what specifically needs their focus and attention to make it all happen.

My client’s words and why they love setting their goals!

As soon as I decided on the figure I needed I felt a new sense of purpose and relief. Within the next week, I was offered a training contract that would generate exactly the amount I had decided on. Jo had reminded me of the power of setting an intention and it was exactly the coaching I needed.”

Get clarity first.

Get clear on what you want to specifically achieve this month.

And why!

What will happen if you do achieve your goals? What won’t happen, if you don’t?

Do you have questions or need more clarity for you to achieve your goals?

Fed up working it all out by yourself?

I’d love to help you!

If you feel in need of someone by your side, I invite you to have a conversation with me to refocus for September and discover how to make good progress on your goals, and set your intentions.

I’m here to help you realise your goals and potential.

To your success and happiness,


New season, new goals! What's your reason for setting your goals? Blog by Jo James AmberLife