Worn out running your business? Stop and Eat the Carrots today. Blog by Jo James AmberLife

Stop and eat the carrots!

When working with a client recently, and many of us do this, I noticed at no point did she stop and appreciate all the hard work she has been doing, she just kept looking to the next thing, and the next thing. No wonder she was feeling worn out, deflated and slightly disillusioned with running her business. If you feel like this, stop a moment. Breathe.

Do you feel worn out running your business?

Don’t just dangle carrots (or goals) in front of you, and never take the time to eat them!! Yes goals are great to steer us in the right direction, but to always be continuously aiming for them, then as you achieve them, you immediately go on to the next goal without a second thought, (do you?) you’re stopping yourself from truly appreciating your expertise, and the results you have achieved.

And we don’t want you to feel worn out, or get burnout.

Today, take some time to eat some carrots!  Appreciate what you have achieved. 

What are you most proud of achieving in Q1?

What was something that you found challenging, but you did it? 🙌🏼

What was your biggest learning in Q1?

What sales and marketing activities gave you the best results?  Repeat those in Q2!

“Well done” from me!

Give yourself a pat on your back. Sometimes it’s not easy, is it? Some days are harder than others.

Be kind to yourself.

Encouragement goes a long way and creates a positive feedback loop.

Stop and say ‘well done’, out loud, to yourself. You’re doing well.

It doesn’t matter if anyone’s listening, they’ll be inspired. And if no-one’s with you right now as you’re reading this, well, there is one person who is listening, YOU. Go for it!!

What are you thankful for?

It could be one or many things; be thankful of the small steps you take each day to build your business; be thankful how you step outside your comfort zone on a regular basis to do what you do, and I bet you have a big list of other things you’re thankful for don’t you?

And, while you’re here, reconnect with your why.

Have you connected with your ‘why’ recently?  Why are you building your business? It makes it all worthwhile when you remember what you’re striving for, and helps you to take the time to appreciate exactly where you are now.

Right here, right now.

Double those good feelings

As you connect with your why and thank yourself for all your hard work, you’ll send positive signals to your brain, connect neural pathways that will empower you and encourage you in ways you might not yet have discovered.

Write down what you are thankful for. Say them out loud. Notice what you notice, as you do.

Tell more people about your ‘why’ and your successes when you’re networking or talking to prospective clients. They’ll learn more about your expertise and what you’re passionate about. You’ll elevate your business and your motivation, and the results will follow 🙂

Thank you for reading, I hope I’ve helped make a positive difference to you today. It’s why I write for you!

To your success and happiness, be thankful, and go eat those carrots today!

Jo James xx

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