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Are you looking for a unique present for your family, friends and clients?

Today I’d like to introduce you to businesses who I’ve had the pleasure to work with, who have perfect present ideas. First, introducing Coutours, owned by the very funny historian and walking tour expert, Emma Parker.

Walking tours with Coutours are a wonderful alternative to traditional gifts and are perfect for anyone who enjoys learning about the intriguing history of London.

Foodies might like to try the ‘FEAST FROM THE EAST’ tour, tasting their way through East End’s signature flavours.

Or perhaps ‘THE HISTORY OF LONDON IN 4 DRINKS‘ tour; a whistle-wetting walk through London’s obsessions with tea, coffee, gin and beer.

James Bond fans will like The LONDON SPY WALK, a top-secret tour filled with undercover details about spies…both real and fictional.

Or enjoy the HIDDEN LONDON tour which provides a quirky insight into London, uncovering the secrets of the city.

You can choose from Gift Vouchers for a selection of public walking tours with Coutours or go one step further with a voucher for a private walking tour.


You can book Gift Voucher cards directly with Emma at Coutours here. You’ll receive a greetings card and a small voucher which can fit into a wallet or purse.

Gift vouchers are valid until 12th January 2021 so taking away any pressure for the lucky person who receives this gift! I gave a Gift Voucher to one of my friends and her family last year who loved their gift and tour with Emma.

And if you’re looking for gifts for the evening for your friends or looking for corporate gifts, I have the pleasure of introducing to you Microbarbox – a cocktail bar in a gorgeous box, delivered for you by their busy cocktail elves!

The perfect Christmas gift for gin lovers everywhere!


The star of the show at Microbarbox this year is the Pink Gin box. Head to the Microbarx website, to see what’s inside.

It’s packed with different gin for you to discover new flavours of this favourite spirit!

It’s simple to send and you can even add a personalised gift card.

Are you looking for gifts for your clients too? 


You can have your logo added to your personalised message, beautifully presented inside the luxury box.

So your clients’ gifts will be on brand and full of festive flavours.


Have a look at their seasonal bestseller, the Christmas Gin box.

A Gift of Kindness

And If you’d like to give the gift of kindness as well, introducing Lucy Williams, Vicki Baumann and team who create Kindness Bags full of essential items to gift to homeless women this Christmas. You can donate money towards delivering the kindness bags by visiting the Just Giving page here and making a donation by Wednesday, 11th December. All donations made will go to filling bags with additional items and surplus will go directly to associated charities.

I hope these suggestions have helped your Christmas shopping today.


Your Action Point today is to work out what presents you want to send to who and when!


My book would make a great pressie too for that budding entrepreneur in your life!


Make Your Mondays Matter is creeping up the ranks on Amazon, it was #103 in Strategy Management on Friday. It goes up and down, but it’s rising!


Thank you to everyone who has bought the book so far, I do little dance every time, as I did when I saw this on my Insta Stories on Friday! Thank you @bestbusinesswomenawards.


Contacts and Cocktails is on Thursday evening.

Not long to go! I’m so looking forward to celebrating 2019 with you, and welcoming 2020.

I look forward to seeing you there to celebrate 2019 with you.

Book your tickets here and I’ll see you after you’ve voted!

Ooh, my new online Mastermind Group started well last week, we had a great time. I loved it and I had great feedback. They enjoyed learning together and loved how I gave them clear Action Points and booked in their 121 calls with me to keep momentum during the month. All designed to help them take consistent action to double and treble their results. That’s what usually happens with my clients!

It was fun, I enjoyed working like this and was especially grateful to my sturdy video conferencing software I invested in that after a stuttered start, remained crystal clear for 7 hours!!

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out how my Mastermind Groups can work for you and your business growth in 2020 and beyond. It worked well, I’d love to expand this, while keeping it intimate.

Today, I’d also like to give a shout out to my very clever niece, Sophie, who was at her graduation ceremony on Monday. The first woman in our family to get a degree, woohoo! Sophie’s celebrating her brilliant 2:1 children’s nursing degree. Brilliant work, we are all so proud of her and she got the job she wanted as a Neonatal Nurse in the NHS. 🙌🏼 Go Sophie! 💥

Have a great week ahead, and enjoy going out to your networking events to see everyone, finishing clients projects and starting your own new projects to see into 2020. Tis the season!

To your success and happiness, See you soon.

Jo James xx
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