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A 7-step checklist for you to review Q1 and propel Q2!

Spring is here! It’s been a busy, exciting, and challenging start to the year, and I hope you’ve made good progress on your goals.

I love this picture of the reflection of the sunset on our fence! Let’s review and reflect!

What will you repeat, tweak or ditch for Q2?

Work through these 7 Questions to see what you need to repeat, tweak or ditch for Q2 to help you reach your goals!

⒈ What are you most proud of achieving in Q1?

⒉ What sales and marketing activities gave you the best results, to repeat?

⒊ What are your top priorities for Q2?

⒋ Which projects or tasks should you continue to work on, or tweak for Q2?

⒌ Are there any goals, tasks, or habits that you need to ditch?

⒍Do you need to realign your goals with your overall vision and values?

⒎ Are you leveraging your strengths and resources effectively?

I hope this checklist helps you reflect and plan for Q2. As always, feel free to reach out if you need support or encouragement. I’m here to support you.

Are you looking for more accountability to help you make progress on your goals?

For a sales boost and mindset boost, get in touch to discuss one-to-one business transformation coaching or check out these two group coaching events I have for you.

The Action Group for Q2 will start in a few weeks’ time in April to empower you to DOUBLE your sales, without feeling overwhelmed as we work for 10 weeks together. Have a look here for the Action Group overview or get in touch to talk.

We were able to increase our sales, in fact, DOUBLE our sales over that 10-week period. I have a toolbox FULL of tools to go on using. Jo James’ energy is completely contagious, I feel so much more CONFIDENT and have so much more know-how.” Nadrali, Creative Business Owner at Ben and Nadrali Ceramics.

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The monthly Monday Coaching Club starts April 3rd for you to have:

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🤩 Learning Opportunities: to feel more confident and grow your business!

✓Gain insights into smart marketing methods and new marketing tips, to help you feel more confident and grow your business.

🤩 Networking: Meet other like-minded business owners and network!

✓ Helping you to connect and establish new business relationships, find potential clients, and expand your professional network.

🕚 Date and Time:

The Monday Coaching Club will be on the first Monday of each month*, starting on Monday 3rd April, from 11 am – 12.30 pm for more Monday motivation!

Starting at only £45 a month, or save £35 and pay only £100 for all 3 events in Q2. *By popular demand, the May event will happen on May 2nd too if you can’t make the 1st May!

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