Everything is possible

Everything is possible – how to set goals without feeling overwhelmed.

As we look ahead to what can be, to what you want to create this year, let’s start by exploring your goals.

Why set goals, you might be asking?

With everything going on around us, setting goals will help you keep focused, keep moving and give you sound foundations for a successful year ahead.

To help stop any overwhelming feelings while you’re exploring your goals, or if you’re asking, ‘where do I start,?’ I recommend dividing your annual goals into 4 x Quarters of the year.

If that feels too much, what do you want to achieve, see happen in Q1? (January to the end of March). Start there and set goals for the first quarter, Q1.

I do love to make things more do-able for you!

And then do it again as you approach each quarter! (Q2 is April to June, Q3 is July to Sept. and Q4 is Oct – Dec) You’ll have more data to work with each Quarter, so you can ‘Repeat what works, tweak what’s not, or ditch it!

“Everything is possible”

Flex your optimism muscles, everything is possible. 💪🏼

Getting into the habit of saying “Everything is possible” opens up possibilities, creativity, and curiosity, and when I say it out loud, I get a glint in my eye and smile again! And then often pick up the phone! When you say, “Everything is possible” a few times out loud, what activity are you drawn towards doing? Try it!

We need more motivation in these times and I have found these words help to cultivate an open mind and keep going!

Everything is possible!

What do you want to achieve?

If you’ve already set your goals for Q1, revisit them today and refresh your focus, your desires, your purpose.

If you haven’t yet set your goals and you’re reading my award-winning book, called Make Your Mondays Matter, head to Page 59 to get clarity and focus on what you want to achieve in Quarter 1. Set your goals for success, and discover your sales superpowers. 💃

What do you want to make happen over the next three months?

To start something new? To create a new program or promote a new service? Is this the year you’ll write your book? Move house? What do you want to see happen? How do you want to take your business to the next level?

Write your goals down.

And, may I ask, have you told anyone else about your goals?

Does that sound exciting to you or terrifying?

You’ve probably heard before that sharing your goals with someone you know well who supports you, your coach, and your goal partner works wonders.

My Mastermind Groups and Action Group Members DOUBLE their income and achieve more by setting clear goals each month, with action points, I love it when they surprise themselves with just how much they’ve achieved when I call them for their Accountability Power Hours during the month too.

If you’re interested to hear more about my VIP Mastermind Groups or the AmberLife Action Group for Q2 please get in touch with me, my clients usually DOUBLE their revenue working with me. Please contact me or read more here.

This is what Hannah Hall said about working with me. “Jo has this wonderful way of making you appreciate what you are capable of then setting goals to achieve it and holding you accountable to these goals!
I have now been back in an Amberlife VIP Mastermind group for a year and it’s been the most successful year I’ve had, I’ve MORE THAN DOUBLED MY TURNOVER AGAIN! The team has grown, business has developed and we’ve won some fantastic contracts. As well as these business achievements I have managed to protect my time with my family which is so important to me.” Hannah Hall, Sunflower Corporation.

As your Monday Motivation coach , I’d like to encourage you to write down your goals for Q1, and tell me or someone else about them, to help you get more results too.

Maybe you’re put off by the words, ‘setting a goal’?

Reframe it to ‘setting your intention’. It creates direction and drive.

Power your intention with your purpose.

And you’ll be unstoppable!

You’ve got this 👏🏼🧡

Let’s create. Let’s build.

If you’d like some one-to-one help schedule time with me to Get Clarity on your goals for 2023 and feel good along the way. I’m here to help your business thrive and support you on your journey.

To your success and happiness,

Jo James xx

Your Business Coach, empowering you to make it happen and feel good doing it.

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