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Hello, how are you? Are you back at your desk today too?

I hope you found some time for yourself over the summer and are now looking forward to seeing what opportunities September has in store?

Being on holiday for 2 Mondays and a bank holiday Monday off was the longest time I’ve not written to you, EVER. It really feels like ages! But I’m back, and into the …(drumroll please)…11th year of writing my Monday business-boosting newsletters to you. Eleven years to the day! Are you on my VIP List?

Make Your Mondays Matter, the newsletter (and book) is written from my experience, with love and proven steps to give you and your business a boost every Monday. To help you see more results by Friday!

We’re in the last month of Q3, here we go!

As ever we need to take consistent action to raise our visibility to achieve our goals.

Consistent visibility = more leads = more clients = business growth = feeling great!

So review the goals you set for Q3 and take action today! If you need a boost, I recommend setting yourself some Activity targets to help you meet your Q3 goals.

For example, in September your Activity targets can be to:

✅ Write a blog each week, publish and share it more than once!
✅ Post three times a week on your preferred social platform (s).
✅ Arrange 5 -10 zooms/meetups with people in your network and prospective clients.
✅ Attend 3 networking events either in person or online.
✅ Do something you really want to do that’s out of your comfort zone! You can do it!

What activity targets will you set to improve your visibility and give your business a boost in September?

Are you stuck for ideas, and saying “what content shall I post?” or “what shall I write next?” and staring at a blank page? Please get in touch!

I’d love to help you get clarity and feel more confident in raising your profile to attract more of your ideal clients. I love helping my clients grow their businesses to make more sales. Including how to develop their copywriting skills, planning and creating content to increase their productivity. Either working one to one or in groups.

As I tailor the content in my Action Groups depending on what the business owners need, last quarter we dived into creating content and copywriting tips. For newsletters, a new product campaign and 3 new websites. And they all gained new sales!

The next Action Group is starting again in October to give your business a boost in Q4.  Check out the Action Group Q4 here to give you and your business a boost to end the year the way you’d love it to be!

Have a look and contact me with any questions you may have. I’m here to help and support you.

To your success and happiness,

Jo James